Search Engine Review Tutorials

Internet Marketing is like my mother’s spaghetti meat sauce, complex. Without all the right ingredients, its just meat sauce.

Whether it’s the fresh tomatoes, fresh crushed garlic, fresh lean beef, all the right super-secret spices (which she shares with no-one but me, of course), and constant stirring of the pot, an amazing recipe is sometimes complex. But when all of these things come together correctly it’s no longer just a meat sauce, it’s an experience.

We at Marketing Marvel may have all the super-secret spices, but without your help stirring the pot, our marketing sauce may not meet the expectations of our clients.

User Reviews

One of the important ingredients of Internet Marketing is what we call “User Reviews“.   When an individual provides his/her thoughts, comments and opinions about the products and/or services rendered by a merchant, he/she has left a user review.

You likely arrived at this page from a link in an email sent to you by a merchant, who is a client of ours.  This merchant would like you to review his/her services at the website addresses likely found in the email from which you found this page.  In order to assist you, we have created the following tutorials to walk you through the process of creating a user account on the respective search engine, and reviewing the merchant.  Search engines require a user account in order to be able to be able to provide some level of security and fraud monitoring.

If you have any difficulty following these tutorials, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.






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