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Generating Traffic and Leads

65% of business owners claim that generating traffic and leads is their primary challenge.


Return On Marketing Budget

43% of business owners claim that generating a return on marketing investment is the next most pressing challenge that they face.

“I recommend Marketing Marvel’s business marketing services.” 

“My name is Allen Moser.  For the last 30+ years I have been the President of Advanced Paint and Wood Repair, located in Laguna Hills California.x

To help grow my business, I hired Marketing Marvel in May of 2011 and used their services until I sold my successful business (and retired) in November of 2015.

Marketing Marvel helped me produce a professional video to represent my business as well as created Search Engine advertisements that resulted in dozens to hundreds of contacts each month.

Marketing Marvel monitored our advertisements monthly and made recommendations for changes to the campaigns when warranted, including changing advertisements and ad budgets. They followed up with me to determine the quality and results of the leads they were generating and adjusted our advertising campaigns accordingly.

I recommend Marketing Marvel’s business marketing services.”

Allen Moser

President (Retired), Advanced Paint and Wood Repair

“In the first week alone I’ve made an 800% return on my advertising cost.”

“I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for helping me develop an online campaign.

I must admit, the cost to set up the campaign had me a bit apprehensive at first, but I’m very glad I did it. In the first week alone I’ve made an 800% return on my advertising cost. I receive at least a couple of prospective client emails and/or phone calls each day. We’ve only been at this for about 3 weeks now and so far I’ve already have 10 clients retain me, and have prospects to potentially close another 5 soon. Based on these results so far, I’d like to have you develop several additional campaigns for me.

I will recommend your services highly to anyone that asks. Please don’t hold it against me if I don’t tell my competitors about you. I’m sure you understand.”

John Morkos, Esquire

Attorney at Law, Morkos Law

 “I’ve long since recouped my initial investment, am steadily growing my practice daily.”

“I became acquainted with Marketing Marvel through a business networking group that I belong to. I own a successful Chiropractic business, in part thanks to the efforts of the Marketing Marvel team.

While my business was already established and doing well, I wanted to reach out to more people within my community. Marketing Marvel took the time to better understand my business, my clients’ needs and helped develop a marketing campaign which focused on my hard work, client-approval ratings and the community goodwill.

They manage my campaign with a hands-on approach. While they are tracking every prospect they develop for me, they still regularly contact me to find out what my experience is with the prospects we are receiving, to determine if they needed to make any changes/improvements to our campaigns.

I’ve long since recouped my initial investment, am steadily growing my practice daily thanks to the Marketing Marvel team. I’m looking forward to our next adventure together.”

Dr. Gary Martin

Chiropractor, Martin Chiropractic

700% More Prospects

Our average client experiences an average of 700% more prospects per-month within 45 days of launching a marketing campaign.