corporate event cateringWhy is corporate event catering a key to helping your business grow? Well, an old adage states that one of the best ways to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and this is true in the corporate world as well. An enjoyable meal for your clients or employees or business offers many advantages that help make your businss grow. It lets your clients know how much you value their business. It shows your employees that their service and talents are appreciated.

1. Quality: People think and remember better if their minds are well-fed and sharp. Who can focus with a growling tummy? We also remember by association. So providing your clients or employees with a great-tasting, memorable meal will help to associate favorably with your business. So first and foremost, be sure the corporate catering company you choose can provide your event with delicious and memorable food.

2. Quantity: Don’t skimp on quantity! Always be sure to have more than enough food. Running out can be embarrassing and counter-productive.

3. Variety: Be sure that the food and dishes you choose will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Also consider those with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians. You will want to be sure they can enjoy the meal just as much as others.

4. Timeliness: Make sure the corporate catering vendor you choose has a reputation for timeliness. No one enjoys being m kept waiting! When a business meeting is tightly scheduled with presenters lined up and ready, the last thing you need is for the food to arrive late.

Main Street Pizza and Cafe Restaurant in Irvine has all four of these in mind for you! They are experienced in handling all your corporate event catering needs. They specialize in food that your clients and/or employees will love to eat — exceptional quality Italian fare.

Take a moment to visit the website and look over their top quality corporate event catering menu. Some specialties include traditional box lunches and breakfasts, salads, hot pasta, appetizers like buffalo wings, deserts and the ever popular pizza. Their  famous pizzas is always made with hand tossed dough and carefully chosen toppings. Many of our dishes are vegetarian friendly and all of our portions are large. Whatever type of Italian food you prefer, you’ll find Main Street Pizza’s unique recipes perfect for your next corporate event.

Main Street Pizza’s professional personnel provide your company with quality food and timely service to make every event or occasion a success. Your clients will never be kept waiting when you trust your corporate event catering to them.

When its vital that your corporate event catering be a success,  call Main Street Pizza and Cafe Restaurant at  949-505-9777. They offer quality, quantity, variety and timeliness every day. Let them handle your next Irvine business event.