corporate cateringOne of the keys to good business is developing relationships, and what better way to do that than through the stomach.  Impress your clients or employees with food from Main Street Pizza and Cafe Restaurant for your next corporate event. Based in Irvine , we offer corporate catering that will be sure to win over everyone’s taste buds.

Our menu includes some of the finest pizza and authentic Italian dishes in the area. From our hand tossed dough and carefully chosen toppings to our specialty salads and pasta, we are sure you’ll find our unique recipes perfect for your next business event.

Rely on Main Street for all your corporate catering needs. We offer everything from Breakfast through Dinner including traditional box lunches and breakfasts, salads, hot pasta, appetizers like buffalo wings, deserts and the ever popular pizza. Our professional personnel are eager to provide your company with the finest food and service to make your event or occasion a success.

According to a survey from Oxfam, pizza is America’s favorite food! Over 3 billion pizzas are consumed in the US every year, with 93% of us eating at least one piece of pizza every month. Clearly everyone loves pizza. But pizza is a great choice for your corporate catering event for a some other important reasons. Pizza is a communal food, one that is shared. This tends to bring a feeling of togetherness and team awareness perfect for your company’s morale. Pizza comes in a huge variety to satisfy the taste buds of everyone, from the ever popular pepperoni to our extra special Tomato and Basil, Artichoke Feta, and Vegetarian pizzas.

Whether you choose pizza, our authentic Italian pasta dishes, farm fresh salads, or traditional box lunches, we are ready to cater your next luncheon or board meeting, training class, office party, Staff Appreciation Day, holiday or retirement celebration. Contact Main Street Pizza and Cafe Restaurant today for all your corporate catering needs at 949-505-9777.