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Create A Google Account

Create A Google User Account

  1. To create a Google user account, start at this page.

  2. Complete the form fields as shown to the left.

  3. Enter the code shown in red, in the “Word Verification” section.  This is to ensure that a live human being is creating an account. (Yes, an automated computer can create an account if such measures are not used).

  4. Agree to Terms of Service and submit.

Congratulations, you have created a Google user account!

Next, follow the link in the email you received to the Google listing for this merchant.  Here we will “review” services.  You will arrive at a business listing page which contains information about the business, including company name, contact information, products/services offered, perhaps some images, and a “reviews” section.

Find Review Section

Where To Find Review Section

Look for the link marked “Write a review”, as shown highlighted by a red circle in the picture on the left.  Click this link to open the “review” section.

Create Review

Ratings and Review

Remember, when leaving a review not to sound like an advertisement, but to provide information that a prospective client/customer would like to know from an existing and/or past customer of this merchant, i.e. how good the service is, how hard he or she works, your level of satisfaction, etc.  Select the number of “Stars” that you would rate this merchant.

Congratulations, you have just completed a Google business listing review!

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