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With several billion web pages to compete with, will your potential customers find you? As the Internet matures, more content is introduced, and the number of web pages grows exponentially.  Being able to be found by your customers requires more planning and campaign development than ever before. Whether you are a local business, providing products and/or services to your local community or a statewide, nationwide or worldwide business, being found by your clients may be just as difficult without the proper marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing

The following four types of Internet Marketing make up for the largest amount of work performed by Internet Marketers today: Search Engine Optimization Think of a website’s design/appearance and it’s search engine optimization like an Italian sports car and its engine.  The car may look beautiful on the outside, but without that highly tuned 12 cylinder, fuel injected 7 speed transmission, it might as well be an attractive paperweight. Local Business Listing Marketing Business which serve their local communities or have a geographic limit may benefit greatly from Local Business Listing Marketing.  A properly search engine optimized website is helpful for this type of Internet Marketing, but no website is necessary. Pay-Per-Click Advertising One of the fastest ways to drive traffic to any business, with or without a website, Pay-Per-Click advertising, often referred to as “PPC”, is the choice of a wide variety of businesses.  As its name implies, the cost of this type of advertising depends on how well received your marketing material is.  As with any type of marketing, if done right it can be very profitable. Social Media Marketing Since the late 1990’s, the Internet’s social significance has steadily grown.  In the early 2000’s the birth of the “social network” launched a whole new method of reaching millions of consumers.  The significance of this type of marketing should not be underestimated.